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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the STC Carolina chapter blog! What can you write about? Writing, editing, technology, software development, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), instructional systems design (ISD), multimedia, multichannel publication, design thinking, usability, user experience (UX), information architecture, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO)…the sky is the limit for the interests of technical writers. Keep reading to see authoring guidelines.

My favorite thing as a blog editor was getting the first look at the wide variety of topics the blog writers covered. We had STC members, students, and guest contributors write about everything from hiring practices to software testing to augmented reality, all united by the thread of how technical communication makes a difference in these areas.

Art Berger

Former blog editor, STC Carolina

Why should I write for the blog?

By writing or editing for the blog, you continue a 30+ year tradition of:

  • Strengthening the technical skillset of local practitioners with the latest insight into professional and technical communication
  • Keeping our membership of 100+ communicators informed of current and future events, trends, and opportunities
  • Highlighting the success of our current members and reaching out to related disciplines and newcomers to the field
  • Building up your own portfolio in authoring within content management systems for an award-winning online publication


What can I expect through the process?

After you contact us, our Blog editor will be in touch to help you take your idea from initial draft to publication. Following our guidelines on this page, you’ll submit a first draft to the Blog editor. The Blog editor performs a quick style edit, and then uploads and publishes the content to our Blog. We’ll send you a link when it’s done, so you can follow up with any questions or share it with your own network.

Authoring Guidelines

  1. Subject: Write on a topic that interests you! The field of technical communication is broad, and we publish many types of articles, such as event recaps, tips and tricks, interviews, or book and tool reviews. Still not sure? We’re happy to discuss an idea with you!
  2. Length: Keep it short and sweet. Your content should be approximately 500-800 words.
  3. Title: Provide a snappy and search-friendly headline, like “Top 10 Reasons to Enter the STC Carolina Competition” or “A Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing.”
  4. Images: Include a featured image or diagram for the post. You can search sites like Pixabay.com that allow for reuse and do not require attribution. If the event is a recap, include any photos from the event.
  5. Bio: Let us know a little about yourself. We include an author bio with each post, that includes a professional headshot (500px by 500px if possible), a few sentences about yourself, and any links to your social media that you want to promote.
  6. Extras: Provide any links to resources used. For example, if your blog ties in to an event we’re hosting, we might include a link to the event recording in the blog.

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