Become a Judge:

Chapter membership and extensive experience with technical communication are not required. All judges go through a training session, and more experienced judges on each team provide guidance.

Why Volunteer to Judge?

Who are we looking for?

Looking for a way to find out more about technical writing or online development? Want to see the latest and greatest in your profession? If you have experience in writing, editing, or developing documentation including technical illustrations, photographs, posters, or packaging, you can participate in our annual competition judging. Judging helps you gain new ideas and lets you discuss writing, editing, and design issues with communicators outside of your immediate work circle.

When and How?

Date: Saturday, November 7th 202

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Enter the campus after 8:30 a.m.

Where: SAS, SAS Campus Drive, Building F, Room 101, Cary, NC Google Maps

Directions to the SAS training room: SAS training room directions SAS Directions

How it's structured


Training day begins at 8:30 AM. We’ll talk about what to consider as you evaluate an entry and how to give the most helpful feedback. And as we evaluate an entry together, you’ll get an idea of how to work as a group and decide on an award.

Each team will review the entries together, before evaluating one small entry. This allows team leads to coach newer judges. Judges will evaluate entries in the context of the entry’s stated purpose. You’ll examine the content, structure, and design of each entry, and might decide on an award based on the individual entry’s strengths and weaknesses and how well it fulfills its purpose.

Evaluation criteria depend on the type of entry. For entries such as reference guides, judges examine how well an entry provides information appropriate to the task. For users’ guides, does the publication explain topics or concepts thoroughly and concisely, and how well does it help the user complete a task? For marketing materials, you decide whether the publication motivates people to buy or use a product. Training materials should assist in the process of teaching.

IMPORTANT: You must bring your laptop and AC adapter (and an extension cord, if you have one) so that you can fill out the evaluation forms during judging. Guest Internet access will be available.


Team or Lead Judge?

When you sign up to volunteer, indicate if you’d like to lead a group of judges.

  • Lead Judges: You should have some previous judging experience. Lead Judges mentor team judges, provide direction in determining awards for each category they are responsible for, receive and review the complete scoring sheets and evaluations from your team, record the category awards and Best of Show recommendations from your team, and ensure that all comments and entry materials are returned to the Competition Manager.
  • Team Judges: Team judges evaluate entries as part of a team of two to three judges. You and your teammates will evaluate entries, fill out a scoring sheet, and provide comments. Guidelines for how to judge the entries will be explained at Training and Judging Day.