Following up on last week’s blog to welcome new council members, this week the STC Carolina council would like to share the strategic plan for the year. The strategic plan is based on your feedback, so first, let’s take a look at the survey results. Thanks to everyone who participated. Still have feedback? Feel free to contact us via email


Strategic Plan

Each year, the chapter council submits a strategic plan to the Society at large. The council also uses this strategic plan to shape the agenda for each monthly meeting and measure our progress against the goals. This year’s plan focuses on streamlining the chapter activities to offer complimentary, but not simultaneous, professional development events.

Check out the Strategic Plan in Google docs!

Survey results that helped to shape the Strategic Plan

The survey had a total of 12 responses. The following bar charts represent the percentage of respondents who selected the top 3 answers to the survey questions.

Question 1: What STC Carolina benefits do you most take advantage of?

Your Top 3 benefits of Announcements, Events, and the Website were also in the Top 3 from last year’s survey.

Your Least 3 used benefits were a list of local sponsors, the annual competition, and volunteering with the chapter…but we’d love to have you; check out the Volunteers page!

  • Announcements 83% 83%
  • Events 58% 58%
  • (Tie) Website, Mentoring, and Job Postings 33% 33%

Question 2: What 3 things should STC Carolina continue investing in?

Your Top 3 answers reflect the Top 3 benefits you use with one exception: the annual competition is ranked higher. Perhaps that means some of you didn’t submit last year but might want to this year? Or, you might just enjoy seeing your colleagues get recognized for the awesome work that they do.

  • Sharing local TC info 67% 67%
  • Events 58% 58%
  • Annual Competition 33% 33%

Question 3: What 3 things should STC Carolina not spend as much time investing in?

Your Top 3 answers were not to invest time in developing original tech comm content, explain the benefits of membership, or host socials. One of our takeaways from this is not to “market” the chapter. I see this as encouraging, in that you might feel you already know and get value from the chapter so you don’t want us to invest time rehashing these points. I also agree we don’t have time to develop original content…but we would love to showcase yours! If you have news, a promotion, job post, blog, or other sort of win to share, let us know and we can help the rest of the community know, too.

  • Develop original content 42% 42%
  • Explaining and accessing STC benefits 42% 42%
  • Socials, engaging members 33% 33%

Question 4: Would you recommend STC Carolina to a friend?

This question is taken from classic NPS score, which can help an organization understand how enthusiastic its members are. The average response of 7.8 suggests that most of our members are Passive, which indicates that you are satisfied with the STC Carolina chapter’s offerings but not enthusiastic enough to promote the chapter to your friends and colleagues. This score is slightly down from last year (8.3), but still in the same category of Passive. If you have any ideas of what would make you more of a champion for the chapter, please let me know. Hopefully the strategic plan for this year helps!

Average score

STC Carolina Council

2021 - 2022

President: Art Berger

Secretary: Bridget Potter

Treasurer: Guiseppe Getto, PhD

Programs Director: Michael Peter

Communications Director: Samantha Zerger

Competitions Director: Amy Spears

Outreach Director: Kevin Flinn