As a volunteer-led and member-centric chapter, STC Carolina thanks you for your continued dedication to the craft of technical writing. An excellent way to express such dedication is by recognizing leaders in your local community, so thank you also to everyone who voted for the Admin Council candidates.

STC Carolina 2021-2022 Admin Council

Congratulations and special appreciation to the following leaders in our community on their roles for the upcoming council year.

  • President: Art Berger continues as President.
  • Secretary: Bridget Potter will serve as Secretary, having previously led the Mentoring program for a number of years.
  • Treasurer: Guiseppe Getto, PhD, continues as Treasurer. We also thank Guiseppe for past roles including chapter presidency.
  • Programs Director: Michael Peter continues as Director of the Programs and Events Committee.
  • Communications Director: Samantha Zerger will serve as the Director of the Communications Committee, having previously been the Blog Editor.
  • Competitions Director: Amy Spears will serve as the Director of the Competitions Committee, having previously been a Judge.
  • Outreach Director: Kevin Flinn will serve as the Director of the Outreach Committee. This is his first role volunteering with the chapter, having been a participant in the Mentoring program and numerous Events over the past year.

We also welcome the following Committee volunteers for 2021-2022.

  • Communications – Blog: Landra Cunningham will serve as the Blog Editor, having previously been the Communications Director.
  • Communications – Website: Dave Lines continues and Matt Marion joins the Webmaster team for the chapter’s WordPress and Google Suite assets.
  • Outreach – Membership: Marcia Shannon continues as Membership Manager, after having joined the council earlier this year.

Thank you to last year’s volunteers and council members

This year’s council is set up for success in large part because of the efforts of last year’s council. Many of the council has graciously agreed to give their time and talents again this year, as seen previously, but we also want to recognize volunteers whose terms have come to an end.

  • Immediate Past President: Sree Pattabiraman, who will certainly be kept busy in all things STC as she goes on to serve as a Director for the Society, after winning election earlier this year.
  • Competitions Director: Christina Mayr, who steps down after a fabulous run as Competitions Director, which came on the heels of her service as Chapter President. She is still active at the Society level as a member of the Nominating Committee.
  • Secretary: Chris Baca, who jumped in earlier this year when we needed an immediate backfill for the role. Thank you!
  • Mentoring Managers: John Kuczynski and Tori Williams-Reid, PhD, who led the Spring 2021 Mentoring Cohort, including with innovations like bi-monthly check-ins via the new mentoring Google group. Great job!

Can you help?

We invite you to learn more about what the Council does by reviewing the Volunteers page, which includes a presentation towards the end of the page that describes each role. Note that in particular, we are seeking help with the following roles.

  • Vice President: Work closely with the President (yours truly) as we implement the council’s strategy for continued Carolina chapter excellence.
  • Event Coordinators: Help out Michael put on engaging events, whether it’s for just one, some, or all the ones we do this upcoming year.
  • Mentorship Manager: Coordinate the 90-day long mentorship program in the Fall or Spring.
  • Judge Manager: Help Amy coordinate the many entries and critiques from volunteers that we receive in our annual competition, starting in the Fall.

Don’t have the bandwidth to volunteer in such a role? We’d love to see you get involved in any way that would be valuable to you. Good places to start are to subscribe to the weekly announcements from the form on our homepage, start a conversation on our Facebook page or Slack #carolinas channel, attend an event, or take our annual survey to help shape this upcoming year’s strategy.


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