The most important of all the tasks for a content developer, besides getting the content ready is planning and organizing. The time, schedule, post images, dates, etc. play an important role in how the content would reflect. If you are a content developer you surely understand the muddle of delivering the right content at the right time. A well-organized content development plan can help you come up with a detailed schedule for your work and help you earn great profits. 

It is not easy to keep track of your tasks on your own, but using a productivity app can help you save a lot of time, time that you can use to let your creative juices flow. For example, Evernote, an on-demand mobile app, is one of the most used and demanded by content developers and one that most businesses want to replicate. Let’s have a quick read of the benefits and great features that productivity apps have to offer.

Benefits of Using a Productivity App

With the effective use of a productivity app for your work, you can escalate the number of visitors to your website. Here’s some major productivity app benefits.

Ease of Collaboration

Productivity apps allow you to collaborate with your team members easily. Your app would collect data from various sources and merge it together to get your task accomplished. Notifications allow you to easily catch-up with your team members on various projects and tasks.

Data Security

Productivity apps store in-house data in a safe manner and work is never shared with any third party. Instead of sending the work over various systems, you can plan your strategy within the app in just a few clicks. This also provides you reassurance so you can get things done without many troubles.

Quick Actions

Productivity apps allow you to create a schedule. Your actions will be quicker as you can always check the real-time status of any of your tasks and make modifications when required.

Ease of Reporting

Productivity apps make it easier for you to produce and share reports to various team members involved and ensure things are being accomplished as planned.

Documents in One Place

Productivity apps allow you to store all relevant documents together even while your team members are working from various locations and various systems.

Track Progress

Productivity apps can help you track the progress of your work. They provide notifications and messages when content needs to go live and where it can be shared over time. 

These are just some of the many advantages of using a productivity app. What makes them so popular among content developers is the ease of functionality it has to offer. If these benefits aren’t enough for you to buy the idea of utilizing a productivity on-demand mobile application, here are some features that make these apps stand out even more. 


Features of a Productivity App

Now let’s have a quick glimpse of some productivity app features.

To-do Lists

Productivity apps allow you to create a to-do list to remind you of all the important tasks that you need to accomplish. It could be anything that you need to work on including writing blog posts or simply sending emails. Example apps include Todoist and Trello.

Calendar View

Productivity apps provide a calendar view. You can mark important dates and even check what part of the work is assigned to you and determine when it is due. Your email provider probably includes a calendar feature, but you might also use tools like Calendly or Doodle to make it easier for people to schedule meetings with you.

Voice Recording

Productivity apps allow you to record small transcripts and let the data interface gather what works and what doesn’t. You can also set a customized alarm as a reminder to complete a task. For basic tasks, the Recorder app on your smartphone might be sufficient.

Time Tracking

Productivity apps let you track time of how long it would take you to accomplish your tasks. This makes it easier to plan a strategy hour by hour to ensure your work will hit deadlines. Toggl is an example time tracking app. You might also use apps like Pomodoro to help you make the most of your time, not just track it.

These four features are what makes productivity apps different from other kinds of apps. 

Wrapping it Up!

Whether you use a single app like Evernote, a set of tools designed to work together like Google Suite, or a few different productivity apps, you might want to identify areas where your content development processes could use a little help. Maybe you want to get better at issue tracking, or capture quick notes and thoughts on the fly. There are many productivity apps out there that you can supplement your current processes with. Which ones have helped you develop the best content?

Scarlett Brown

Scarlett is associated with A3logics with the content development team. Over time she has become an important member of the organization and has played a significant role in providing Mobile App Development service. When not at her writing desk, she often stays busy reading and enjoying coffee.