At the start of each year, it’s natural to ask: what is my STC-Carolina membership doing for me?

As technical communicators, we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of a constantly-changing field. For many of us, professional societies are a key piece of that strategy. Professional societies put us in touch with peers outside of current organization. They provide learning opportunities about new developments in our broader field. And perhaps, most importantly, they provide us with the opportunity to connect and network with people we might not meet otherwise.

This is what professional societies are supposed to do, anyway. And we have all been involved with groups that fail to live up to those expectations.


I have been personally involved with many such groups. And one of the reasons I will continue to volunteer with STC-Carolina in whatever capacity they will have me is that everyone involved continues to exceed my expectations.

As Immediate Past President and Membership Director this year, my role is to keep our chapter tacking in the direction of member needs. Our focus this year has been on creating diverse opportunities for our members to participate in the broader technical communication community.

These opportunities include:

Dr. Guiseppe Getto

Dr. Guiseppe Getto

Immediate Past President, Membership Director, STC-Carolina

So, if you’re looking to stay abreast of developments in tech comm, to stay connected to your peers in the profession, or just to make connections beyond your current organization, I can’t recommend membership in STC-Carolina highly enough. We are always working hard to bring you the most value for your membership.

And if you have any questions at all, please do reach out to me directly.

And please remember: chapter leaders like myself serve in a voluntary capacity. We welcome your input and participation. Like all things in life, you get out of your membership what you put into it. Let us know if you have an interest in volunteering to help make our chapter the best it can be.

I look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon! 

Dr. Guiseppe Getto