As a technical communicator, you might work with a team of writers or, increasingly, embedded with a cross-functional product team of people who don’t always know how to hire for our skillset. As the saying goes, hiring employees can make or break your business. So how can you help your company hire the best person for the team, when you know that you’re likely to be frustrated by not finding the perfect candidate or when you can’t satisfy everyone in your association? In this guest post, an international staffing agency, the best HR consultants in Dubai, brings you some of the top hiring methods to hire an employee for your technical communication team.

1. Search for Someone with a Commitment to Their Career

An individual who is focused on his or her vocation is the candidate you need to hire. In technical communication, candidates come from many backgrounds and previous work experiences, which is to be expected. However, you want to ask questions about how technical writing fits into their larger experience. If you get the feeling that a person switches vocations or jobs as often as possible, or doesn’t seem respectful towards previous teams and companies, then hiring this individual could be an issue for your business. Look at the candidate’s previous job spans and experiences and question whether this background is suited to your open position.

2. Test for Excellent Learning and Analytical Skills

Try out different techniques to survey the learning and analytical skills of your candidates. Testing candidates may be tricky to get right, but don’t just rely on a résumé, as these can be exaggerated or not present the full picture of a person’s abilities.

A candidate with confidence and an impressive background is incredible, but what you truly need is a person who has demonstrable skills, education, and learning abilities for your team. You might ask for a portfolio of previous work, writing samples, ask them to rewrite a short document in a certain timespan, discuss a current project they’re working, or more.

3. Check for Compatibility

You need to discover a technical writer who will be an advocate for your users and a representative for your company’s values and ways of conducting business. Check whether the candidate has social skills to coexist with others, particularly with current employees, supervisors, and teams. Ask how the person would handle certain scenarios, such as contacting a client for more information about an issue or overseeing a documentation project so that you can form a judgment on compatibility skills.

Keep in mind: eagerness is one of the essential things that technical communicators have to persist until they get the right answers to your company’s problems. What’s more, if an individual can’t coexist with his or her current customers or previous supervisors, it’s not probably best not to hire that candidate.

4. Continue Improving Your Hiring Process

Regardless of whether you are hiring employees for a significant, ongoing project or searching for someone to develop a new offering, the hiring procedure is what determines what you spend your time concentrating on. Ensure you are following these means in your hiring procedure.

Rather than asking “magic bullet” inquiries, you generally need to focus on becoming acquainted with the abilities, learning, skills, personality, frame of mind, and capability of the candidate.

When you promote job openings for your company, ensure that all the job requirements such as responsibilities, required training, background, information, and skills are actually necessary and posted. It will help you in assessing candidates and pulling in candidates that satisfy the majority of your responsibilities and requirements.

Additionally, it’s a smart thought to include other people in the assessment procedure since more sentiments can prompt finding the right hire.

5. Remember to Hire Interns

If you or your company has already made an investment in a person’s career, you might find that this approach is ideal to hire the right worker for your business. Early career or transitioning career candidates also show commitment to their careers by working as interns or getting mentorship. You know the majority of their qualities, shortcomings, skills, learning, demeanor, conduct, certainty levels, and even work products. What else do you have to know? You’ve officially done the diligent work in picking a writer, so why not hire from this pool of pre-vetted candidates?

6. Get Social with the Candidates

Posing individual inquiries or hypotheticals can only go so far, and could be clumsy and awkward for an initial, brief interview. Getting social with candidates can help you get a better feel for their abilities. You or your HR group could investigate the candidate’s activity on social media and online presence. This can be an extraordinary technique, particularly if you need to hire employees for tech businesses. Another way to get to know candidates is to participate regularly in local professional gatherings. Your monthly STC Carolina events, for example, can be a great way not just to meet a future employer or business partner, but a future hire.

6 Tips for Hiring People

  1. Career commitment
  2. Skills
  3. Compatibility
  4. Hiring process
  5. Interns and mentees
  6. Getting social

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