With an increasing number of technical communicators working as consultants and freelancers, career paths in technical communication follow unusual career trajectories and require expertise in unexpected areas such as management, marketing, and leadership. Dr. Stacey Pigg from North Carolina State University will discuss these emerging career paths in a talk entitled “Building and Sustaining Entrepreneurial Career Paths in Technical Communication.” This talk comes from 2016 research that Stacey and collaborator Benjamin Lauren from Michigan State University conducted to gather and analyze career narratives of successful small business owners and consultants who identify as technical communicators. (If you are an STC member, you can view their research article in Tech Comm.) From these experienced professionals, Stacey and Ben gained a new appreciation of the role of professional organizations like STC, as well as social media platforms and networks of colleagues, coworkers, and instructors. Her talk will introduce some of the most important lessons she learned from these entrepreneurs, as well as practices they used to stay current with emerging technologies and ways of working. These lessons are relevant both within and outside traditional entrepreneurial contexts.

About the speaker

Stacey is an associate professor of scientific and technical communication and the director of the Professional Writing Program at NC State, where she teaches in the Master’s of Science in Technical Communication program. Her research focuses on the role of digital technologies in the everyday writing practices that support work and learning, and she has published this research in journals such as Technical CommunicationTechnical Communication QuarterlyIEEE-Transactions on Professional Communication, and the proceedings of SIGDOC. Her latest research focuses on two areas relevant to technical communicators: the professional development and learning practices of technical communicators, and the digital collaboration practices that support contemporary work and learning. She also teaches the graduate internship course for technical communicators and other professional writers at NC State.

Event Details:

Date: September 27th, 2018 (Thursday)

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Venue: TBD


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