There are many authoring tools out there that can make beautiful documents, but Microsoft Word is still one of the leading programs, especially in small businesses. Even if you're part of a large company, there will always be some documents that remain in Word because it's on every work computer and therefore the easiest to share.

If you're searching for technical communication job, knowing Word well shows hiring managers that you can learn a new tool easily and apply good technical documentation practices in any environment. Also, learning how to format content using styles sets a strong foundation for learning FrameMaker and even DITA.

So if you're wanting to up your Word game to make beautiful and usable documents, I can show you how. In this 4-hour hands-on workshop you will learn how to:
  • Use styles and color, white space, and alignment.
  • Use tables, images, charts, and SmartArt effectively.
  • Use cover pages, text boxes, quick parts, and bookmarks.
  • Customize built-in Word templates and themes.
  • Improve the usability and accessibility of your documents.