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Sound Like You Feel: Public Speaking with Passion

When it comes to selling — your product, your ideas, yourself — we often fail to convince others of the passion and commitment we feel inside. It is crucial for speakers to show passion, confidence, and enthusiasm. Sadly, many motivated and passionate speakers fall well short when it comes to convincing audiences of the importance of their message. The results are misunderstanding, loss of buy-in, and missed opportunity. In this fast-paced and interactive talk, participants will learn the two principles of expressing passion and the key secret to making others BELIEVE.

Alan Hoffler
Alan Hoffler
Presenter Alan Hoffler is founder and director of MillsWyck Communications(external link). As an accomplished keynote speaker, Alan uses the skills he teaches to craft authentic, custom messages that energize and motivate audiences. He causes audiences to think, feel, and re-commit to excellence. Alan believes excellent communication can change a person, an organization, a community, and the world.

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