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Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines

The STC Carolina Chapter welcomes corporate sponsorships to help defray costs for our educational offerings and other chapter services. Corporate sponsors heighten awareness of their businesses in the Research Triangle Park's technical writing community, one of the most influential in the U.S. Since our meetings are generally available via GoToWebinar, our reach also extends beyond the immediate geographical area.

A corporate sponsorship program accomplishes the following:
  • Eliminates the need for advertising in various publications
  • Allows the Carolina Chapter to provide greater services to our members
  • Assists in covering the costs of monthly program meetings and events
For more information or to become a corporate sponsor of the Carolina Chapter, please contact our President.

Levels of Corporate Sponsorship

A company can donate a location or refreshments for our monthly meetings, or it can donate money. The monthly program meetings need to accommodate 15-30 people.

In the following table, select the type of donation, then select the level of sponsorship.

Level of Sponsorship
Type of DonationBronzeSilverGold
Meeting location
or refreshments
1 meeting3 meetings6 meetings

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship Levels

Each level provides benefits designed to promote the sponsoring company. The higher the level of sponsorship, the greater the benefits and the more exposure the company receives.

Level of Sponsorship
sponsor page
Name and website link,
all year
Name, website link,
and logo, all year
Name, website link,
logo, and blurb (tagline),
all year
website and ebook
Name and website link,
all year
Name, website link,
and logo, all year
Name, website link,
and logo, all year
Mention in
monthly meeting
All yearAll yearAll year

Additional Information

Here is additional information about our corporate sponsorship program:

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