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Featuring competitions in our chapter since 1995!

STC competitions offer an excellent way for you and your team to get recognition for your technical publication, web site, help system, training, and other forms of technical communication. Each year, the STC Carolina Chapter sponsors competitions.

This year, all STC Chapters have a hard deadline of October 28 for receiving entries. Judges evaluate entries against a checklist of criteria and decide whether to nominate each entry for an award. The top award winners in the Carolina Chapter go on to compete for Best of Show.

Information for Judges and Submitters

Schedule for 2016-2017 STC Carolina competitions

Saturday, September 30: early bird discount deadline for submitters ($20 off entry fee)
Saturday, October 28: deadline for submitting entries.
Saturday, November 4: Training and Judging Day
Thursday, December 14: Best of Show Judging
March, 2018: Awards Banquet (TBD)

STC Carolina Competition Contacts

The Carolina Competitions Committee is on a roll again this year. The committee is a well established group of people, who know how to get things done.

The STC Carolina Competitions is a nationally recognized excellent competition! Welcome these new and returning folks:

Winners and Judges

Although we have tracked statistics for our competitions as a whole for years, we haven't listed the names of the individuals who submitted and judged. By popular demand, here are the names of those individuals

Competition Statistics

We have tracked statistics on our chapter's competitions for many years. You can see how many entries there were for each year along with how many of each award level were given for that year. You can also see information about how our chapter fared in the international competition.

Click Competitions Statistics.

Archived Materials

Go to the Competition Archived Materials page to store all competition materials, including judge materials, judge training game materials, schedule template, award letters, and more.

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