Local SIGs

STC Carolina Local Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

STC Carolina Management SIG
Works to inform publication managers of trends and issues related to managing publications projects, educate them in practices that result in high-quality technical materials, and provide a forum for the exchange of information relevant to management of technical communication projects and personnel.

STC Carolina Technical Editing & Writing SIG
Offers Triangle-area technical communicators an opportunity to meet with others who are interested in technical editing. Members of the SIG meet for lunch once a month to discuss topics of vital interest. Whether you are a technical editor, a writer who edits, or someone who is simply interested, this group is for you.

STC Carolina Trends & Technology SIG
(formerly Online Communication) has a mission of identifying, assessing, and discussing the various methods of online communication design and delivery. As technical communicators, we need to study online development tools, gather tips from experts, review best practices, and evaluate new communication approaches.

STC Carolina Consulting and Independent Contracting (CIC) SIG
Provides a forum where consultants and independent contractors in the Triangle area can increase their networks, share tips and best practices, exchange leads and referrals, learn about local markets, and benefit from each other's expertise and experiences.

North Carolina FrameMaker User's Network (NC-FUN) SIG
Meets to discuss their use of and devotion to FrameMaker and hosts speakers who share their knowledge and provoke lively discussions. We even help solve those pesky FrameMaker "issues" you run into periodically. If you use FrameMaker or want to learn, come to these meetings.

The guidelines for forming SIGs are attached to this page. As more chapter SIGs go online, their links will be available here.

International Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Outside Organizations

Here's a list of organizations that are connected with some members of the STC.

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